Meet The Founder


Graphic Design has been her passion and career since 2010. Graduated from Polytechnic University of Indonesia, she started her career in multinational company. Her entrepreneurship spirit began when she was inspired by her preloved stuffs at home. She wanted to proof to everybody that starting a new business is not always needs a big capital, in fact start a new business can start from a zero capital, that’s why she want to turn her preloved stuffs into some business that can be a new income for everybody. This was how prelovedbydela was born.


Graduated from International Relation, Padjajaran University, She choose different career path from her study. Her passion in sales and marketing, encouraged her to explore the world of start ups and e-commerce which has been the new sunshine in a ecomonic world. With her 9 years experiences on e-commerce, she was motivated to collaborate with her bestfriend Daniela to build their own business, prelovedbydela.